How to Post a Correction on Twitter Using Strikethrough Text

By Devon Glenn 

In the fast-paced world of journalism, mistakes happen. It’s common for publishers to post a correction loudly and proudly on their websites by crossing out the bad information part that needs updating so that readers can see what’s been changed. Now there’s a way to do it on Twitter.

You’ll find a tool for generating strikethrough text on Simply copy and paste the text from your Tweet (or write it in manually) and then copy and paste the crossed out text that appears in a new Twitter post.

Note that doing this will double the size of the characters in the post, so you’ll need to limit your Tweets to 70 characters instead of 140.

Web developer Adam Varga also has a strikethrough generator tool on his website that produces similar results.

Thanks to BBC College of Journalism trainer Marc Blank-Settle (@MarcSettle) for the tip.

Update: Marc Blank-Settle contacted us on Twitter to add the following: “What Twitter needs is the ability to PUSH a strikethrough such that ALL tweets are seen like that once the author changes them,” he wrote.