Corona Light Tempts Facebook Users With Times Square Billboard

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons Comment

Fancy seeing your photo up in lights in New York City’s Times Square? How about lending your image for a Corona Light ad without being paid for it? Would the appeal of the first convince you to do the second?

Corona Light is launching a campaign targeted at young adults aged 21 to 29. The cross-media campaign will use Facebook for a major component – encouraging consumers to ‘like’ the Corona Light page on Facebook in return for having their photo included on a 150-foot digital billboard display at Times Square.

Jim Sabia, executive vice-president of marketing for Crown Imports (Corona Light’s exclusive U.S. importer), said: “For Corona Light consumers, having their picture projected high above one of the most famous places in the world is an exciting experience, and a fantastic way of engaging a street audience while rallying Corona Light’s brand ambassadors.”

The billboard will go live on November 8 and run through until December 6. Images from across the square will be posted to Facebook so participants can share photographic evidence of themselves in an ad at Times Square – and help spread the Corona Light brand message.

It seems like digital agency Pereira & O’Dell has devised a clever campaign for Corona Light. Crown Imports doesn’t have to outlay any money for prizes beyond the media spend since the thrill of getting their picture of Times Square will be incentive enough for large swaths of the target audience. They don’t even have to pay for someone to physically create the ad since consumers will be effectively providing the copy – lending their visage to the campaign free of charge.

Yet, I have no doubt it will work. Facebook users have until November 8 to ‘like’ the Corona Light page and upload their photos. So far, 600 people have done so in the few days since the campaign launched. I imagine that many more will follow suit. As well as collecting a lot of Facebook ‘likes’, which can be handy for future marketing campaigns, the campaign should promote a lot of word of mouth as users share the photographs of the Times Square billboard.

On the other hand, this is not the first campaign of its kind. In fact, it’s becoming quite a trend for marketers to reward Facebook activity with the opportunity to have your photograph displayed above Times Square in New York City. Recently the LIVESTRONG Lance Armstrong Foundation did this in a good cause, now it’s Corona Light. So while it might be effective for the time being, marketers need to come up with something new next time.