Facebook Testing Context Cards In IOS App

By David Cohen 

iOSContextCards650Context is key, and Facebook is running a test on its flagship iOS application in which users will see what it calls context cards, which appear over their News Feeds and provide detailed information after they check in or link to subjects such as movies or songs in status updates.

A Facebook spokesperson told sister blog Inside Facebook the test will be rolled out to some users of its iOS app starting Wednesday, offering as examples of how context cards work:

  • If a user checks in to a location, the context cards will show friends who have recently checked in to the same location and when those check-ins occurred, as well as related photos they have posted.
  • If a user posts a structured status update referencing listening to a musical artist or watching a movie, the context cards will show friends who have consumed the same media.

Inside Facebook pointed out another new aspect of context cards — different colors, with red for location information and yellow for photos joining the social network’s trademark blue.

The Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook:

These cards can help you discover information about where you are or what to do next, or inspire conversations with your friends around you. This feature respects all existing privacy settings, and the card will only show you information that you could already see elsewhere on Facebook.

Readers: Would you like to test context cards?