More Console Style Games Looking To Move To Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

Currently, most popular Facebook games differ greatly from console video games. There are bubble shooters and several iterations of “with Friends,” and these games are, for the most part, fairly simple. But Reuters writes that more complex, visual games could make their way to the social network this year. A few developers are looking to bring more console-quality gaming to Facebook.

San Francisco-based developer nWay wants to try offering a different kind of game to Facebook. While easily accessible hits such as FarmVille and Candy Crush Saga are ever-present on the social network, action-packed games with an emphasis on impressive graphics aren’t as plentiful. Last year, nWay launched a trial of science-fiction game ChronoBlade on Facebook to see if there’s an audience for this kind of game. Now it’s gearing up for a full launch in 2013.

It’s all part of Facebook’s goal to present games that appeal to more users, keeping them on the site for longer.

Facebook’s Sean Ryan, head of game partnerships, told Reuters the company wants to open up the gaming ecosystem, including first-person shooters, strategy games, and massively multiplayer online games:

You’ll see a whole set of games hitting in the next two quarters in particular and throughout the year that really start to redefine what people think of Facebook games … It doesn’t mean we’re walking away from other games, but there’s no question that our focus for 2013 much of it will be about becoming a better platform for core gamers and developers who make those games.

Facebook has been working with developers to bring new kinds of games to fruition. Reuters notes that the company has invested both time and resources to make games such as u4iA first-person shooter Offensive Combat and Plarium real-time strategy game Stormfall: Age of War become realities on Facebook.

Readers: Do you think console style games can thrive on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.