Connecticut State Police Warn Against Posting Misinformation on Social Media About Newtown Shooting

By Tim Sohn 

This weekend, Connecticut State Police warned people against circulating misinformation on social media regarding Friday’s school shooting in Newtown that left 26 dead, including 20 students.

“Misinformation is being posted on social media sites,” State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance said at a news conference Sunday. “These issues are crimes. They will be investigated, statewide and federally, and prosecution will take place when people perpetrating this information are identified.”

Vance said that people are impersonating shooter Adam Lanza, 20, and others related to the shooting on social media. He added that local and state police are not posting any information regarding this case on social media.

“All information relative to this case is coming from these microphones and any information coming from other sources cannot be confirmed and, in many cases, it has been found as inaccurate,” said Vance.

At a press conference around noon today, Dec. 17, Vance said that there are no other scheduled press conferences today. Any information that needs to be released for the rest of the day will be posted on the state police website, unless it is of an important nature.

Misinformation has plagued this case from the beginning, starting with incorrect reports that Ryan Lanza was the shooter — Ryan Lanza is Adam Lanza’s older brother. Additionally, media outlets reported that the Lanzas’ mother, who was killed before the school shooting took place at her home, was a teacher at the school. That proved to be inaccurate.

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