How To Turn Content From Facebook Pages Into Mobile Apps

By David Cohen 

ConduitMobileFromMobile650Facebook page administrators can now create custom applications based on content from their pages directly via mobile devices following the launch of the new Mobile from Mobile platform from Conduit.

According to Conduit, Mobile from Mobile allows page admins who connect via Facebook to incorporate existing content from their pages into fully functional apps that are compatible with all mobile devices.

Location-based banner ads can also be incorporated into apps created with Conduit’s Mobile from Mobile, and the apps can be paid apps, or include features such as coupons, ecommerce links, and reservation forms.

The company added that desktop users on its existing platform have created more than 160,000 apps, which have generated over 1.8 billion interactions in the past 90 days.

Conduit Mobile Marketing Director Li-at Karpel Gurwicz said in a release announcing the debut of Mobile from Mobile:

Our mission at Conduit Mobile has always been to democratize app creation for everyone — from businesses to bands to brands to bloggers. Mobile from Mobile represents a dramatic expansion of that mission. The ability to build an app on the same device on which it is used is both forward-thinking and convenient. As a leader in the app-creation space, it’s only fitting that Conduit Mobile takes this important step. With the market expansion to smartphone-app creation, we expect our current number of more than 20 million app downloads to grow quickly and significantly.

Mobile devices are where consumers are turning to shop, find content, and complete more and more of their daily tasks. With Mobile from Mobile, now any publisher can reach into their pocket, take out a smartphone, and complete the entire app-creation process — no computer needed.

Page admins: Will you look into Conduit’s Mobile from Mobile?