Conan: Liking Your Own Facebook Posts Makes You Look Ridiculous [Video]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

In a new video F*Card, Conan O’Brien lets Facebookers know the truth about liking your own Facebook posts—it makes you look really, really stupid.  He says, “When you like your own posts, it’s kind of like giving yourself a high five,” which, as Conan illustrates, doesn’t look good at all.

The F*Card, which was shared yesterday on the Team Coco blog, is one of many video cards that you can send to your Facebook friends from the Team Coco Facebook page.  In a video on the Facebook page explaining what F*Cards are, Conan says, “Instead of you having to come up with something original to post on your Facebook wall, why not let Conan do it for you?”

There are all sorts of F*Cards available that you can post on your own wall, send to friends, family and even “semi-friends” including Stop Poking Me, Congrats On Your New Baby, Welcome To Facebook, Parents, Congrats On Hooking Up, Happy Birthday!, Stop Photo-Tagging Me and more.

Check out the latest F*Card, Stop Liking Your Own Posts, below and click here to preview and send other Conan F*Cards to your friends on Facebook.  Do you like your own posts?  If so, are you going to take Conan’s advice and stop high fiving yourself already?  Click here to read more about Conan’s F*Cards in a post on our sibling blog AllFacebook from earlier this year and click here to read more on Social Times.

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