REPORT: Messenger Cuts Into Facebook App’s Reach

By David Cohen 

comScoreTop15SmartphoneAppsNovember2014650There are only so many minutes in a day (or in a mobile data plan). The student is overtaking the master. No matter how you spin it, Facebook’s Messenger application is boosting its share of overall reach among U.S. users, at the expense of the social network’s flagship app, according to November data from comScore.

comScore reported that Messenger rose to fifth place in its rankings of reach for smartphone apps for November, at 43.1 percent, with Facebook topping the list, at 69 percent.

VentureBeat pointed out that the November 2013 figures for the respective apps were 22.1 percent and 76.2 percent.

Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network Instagram took the ninth position on comScore’s list, at 30.7 percent.

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