Commit To Mitt: Romney Campaign Launches Facebook App

By David Cohen 

The Mitt Romney campaign used the occasion of the third and final presidential debate Monday to launch Facebook application Commit to Mitt, which is aimed at encouraging Romney supporters on the social network to promote the Republican challenger to their friends.

According to Mashable, the Commit to Mitt app was designed to use Facebook’s open graph to mine information on which of its users’ friends live in battleground states that are still up for grabs, and which have already interacted with the Romney campaign, in order to spread messages to those Facebook users who are most likely to be on board.

Matt Lira, a member of the Romney campaign’s digital team, told TechCrunch:

All one needs to do is look at their own news feed to know that people want to talk about this election on Facebook. The question is: How can we make sure that this activity is purposeful and effective at making a difference for the campaign?

The message on the Commit to Mitt homepage reads:

This election is a choice. And the simple fact is, we can’t afford four more years of President Obama’s failed policies. Stand with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! Connect with this app to show your support on Facebook and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Lira told TechCrunch two events spurred the creation of Commit to Mitt: A September 2011 visit to Facebook by House Republicans, including Ryan, and studies showing that Facebook messages help drive voter turnout.

Readers: Do you think apps like Commit to Mitt can be effective?