Introducing Facebook For Google Glass

By Justin Lafferty 

While there have been two unofficial Facebook applications for Google Glass, Google announced Thursday at its I/O conference that an official Facebook app is coming to the high-tech specs. It will allow Google Glass owners to instantly share photos to their Facebook accounts.

Multiple sources reported that Google Glass will come with pre-loaded apps called “Glassware.” Facebook will be one of the apps, along with The New York Times, Path, Twitter, Elle magazine, Evernote, Tumblr, and CNN.

Currently, there are two unofficial Facebook apps for Google Glass, which is only available for a handful of people (as well as Google employees): Glass to Facebook and ThroughGlass.

Facebook Mobile Product Manager Erick Tseng wrote about the app for Glass in a public post:

I’m really excited to announce today’s launch of Facebook for Google Glass. Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook Timeline. You can also add an optional photo description, just by speaking it.

We look forward to exploring Facebook experiences across new types of mobile devices. This is only a first step. You can find out more about our app here:, and about Google Glass here:

He also took a picture at the I/O conference using Google Glass.

Here’s what a Google Glass post will look like, according to Facebook’s help center:

Readers: Would you be interested in a Facebook app for Google Glass?

Main image courtesy of White Men Wearing Google Glass.