CollegeHumor To Break Into The Movie Biz With ‘Coffee Town’

By Megan O'Neill 

It looks like comedy website CollegeHumor is taking a leap from your computer screen onto the big screen.  Steven Zeitchik of the LA Times reports that College Humor is “making a foray into the film business.”  They’ve signed on to create ‘Coffee Town,’ a film about thirty-something underachievers written by Brad Copeland, former writer-producer on ‘Arrested Development.’  The low-budget film will begin shooting in LA next month.

CollegeHumor is known for it’s short-form comedy Web videos, but sees great potential for branching out into the film industry.  Ricky Van Veen, CollegeHumor co-founder, told the LA Times, “We think we can leverage what we’ve done into longer things, including features and TV shows.  There’s a market for high-quality long-form content that can go directly to consumers, and we’re well-positioned to do that.”

‘Coffee Town,’ which centers on a character named Will who manages a website, and his friends that drop in on him.  It will feature a whole slew of up-and-coming stars, including Glenn Howerton from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, Ben Schwartz from ‘House of Lies’, Steve Little from ‘Eastbound & Down’ and singer Josh Groban as the barista who always wanted to hit it big as a singer but, ironically enough considering the actor, just doesn’t have the voice.

CollegeHumor going into the movie biz is a big step, especially considering that the company’s owner, Barry Diller, has previously said that the movie business is risky.  However, Van Veen told the LA Times, “Barry is led by curiosity.  When there weren’t a lot of new relevant things in the film business, he wasn’t as interested in pursuing them.  But that’s changed with so many new distribution models up in the air.”  Whether or not ‘Coffee Town’ will be distributed via the website is still up in the air.  However, the site will be used to promote the film.

Are you excited about CollegeHumor’s foray into the movie business?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Image credit: Patrimonio Designs Limited via Shutterstock

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