Infographic: If Social Media Users Chose the Headliners for Coachella

By Devon Glenn 

People who love the 80s and 90s are going love this year’s lineup at Coachella, Southern California’s epic music festival in the desert city of Indio. Seasoned acts like Blur, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, and the Stone Roses will occupy the main stages this coming April.

We’re not complaining about the talent, but whoever made these decisions did not consult with the internet generation. In this infographic, JESS3 reorders the entire concert lineup by the number of Facebook fans for each band — and it’s a little different than the real one.

This infographic divides the bands into eight tiers based on their placement in the festival poster, which lists the bands on eight lines in diminishing font sizes for each day of the weekend, with the headliners taking up the most space.

The top of the chart shows who the headliners, primetime, and opening acts would be if the concert lineup had been determined by Facebook likes. The Chili Peppers were right on target with more than 20 million Facebook fans. The Stone Roses? Not so much. They had just over 548K fans, which put them behind a few of the bands in the next tier down.

In the end, delivering a great live performance is a lot harder than getting a click on a Facebook page — we’ll see how many new “likes” some of these bands will win after the show.