CNN IReport Deepens Facebook Integration

By David Cohen 

Cable news network CNN tapped Facebook’s open graph to further integrate the social network with its CNN iReport citizen journalism initiative.

Facebook users who connected their accounts to their CNN iReport accounts had been able to create wall posts when they uploaded new reports, but they can now share high-quality images, as well as links to and text from their reports.

Comments on iReports can also be shared with Facebook friends, and users have more control over which reports and comments are shared on the social network via an enhanced Facebook permissions dialog.

CNN iReport offered the following instructions in a blog post announcing its deeper integration with Facebook:

Click on the “Post to Facebook” check box that now appears on the upload dialog and under the comment box in any iReport story.

You can also connect and disconnect your accounts from your iReport profile page.

If this is your first time connecting your iReport and Facebook accounts, you’ll be presented with a permissions dialog. Click “Log In with Facebook” to connect your accounts. You may also be presented with a confirmation dialog: If you see your avatar and username, click “close.”

Once the check box is marked and your upload form or comment is complete, click on the respective “Upload Your Story” or “Post Comment” button.

Rejoice! Your Facebook post or comment will be shared on your Facebook timeline with your friends.

Please note that we’re still working on adding this new functionality to the iReport and CNN mobile apps. Stay tuned for more updates.

Readers: Do any of you use CNN iReport?