Clint Eastwood Steals The Show On Facebook At Final Night Of RNC

By Jennifer Moire 

The Republican National Convention audience wasn’t shy about turning to Facebook to share their views during Gov. Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech, but it was posts about Clint Eastwood’s curious address that quickly overwhelmed the site long after the last balloon dropped on the convention floor.

Public Facebook posts were appearing at a rapid-fire pace — about 25 posts every second in my feed — during the former Massachusetts governor’s speech. Though Romney was the most-quoted politician of the night, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan saw bigger gains on Facebook. The Representative from Wisconsin gained nearly 200,000 fans since Thursday. Romney’s fanbase grew by roughly 83,000.

The most frequently shared lines from Romney’s speech were these:

Of course, users from every political persuasion were sharing links, videos, photos and views all night. From the supporters:

To the non-believers:

An Internet meme inspired by Eastwood’s muddled speech to an empty chair representing President Barack Obama wasn’t lost on Facebook. Here is just a sampling of the comments and photos that Eastwood’s “chair” debate generated on Facebook.

Eastwood, who has roughly 1.8 million fans on Facebook, got a sizable bump in likes. The legendary actor/director has gained nearly 10,000 likes in the past 24 hours, according to sister site PageData.

Even President Obama got in on the action, when he shared this cheeky response to Eastwood’s speech on his Facebook page about two hours after the convention ended. As of Friday morning, the photo had been shared more than 44,000 times, attracted more than 15,000 comments and gained nearly 363,000 likes.

Readers: How did you interact with the final night of the Republican National Convention?

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Facebook.