Clearsping Adds Facebook Distribution

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Clearspring, the dominant widget distribution platform, has just expanded their distribution to Facebook. This is a huge opportunity for widget developers. While Facebook has tried to move away from describing their platform as a new distribution channel for widgets, the reality is that Facebook is a new distribution channel for widgets in addition to being a general platform for developers.

Clearspring has just taken a big step in furthering their already dominant position as the primary widget distribution platform. The new features enable users to easily create flash widgets as Facebook applications within a simple application wizard. While similar in concept to the Dapper platform that I covered last week, the Clearspring offering allows for greater exposure across multiple platforms, not just Facebook’s.

One thing is for sure, Clearspring is taking the Facebook platform seriously. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between widgets and platform applications changes over the coming weeks and months.