CityVille Reaches 20 Million Users In 11 Days

By Jorge Cino Comment

Facebook’s CityVille becomes Zynga’s fastest-growing social game ever, reaching about 20 million users a mere eleven days after its launch.

Only a week ago we noticed CityVille’s incredible growth, with almost 300,000 people testing it out the day of its release. Now, it seems CityVille has managed to amass almost 22 million users, according to Inside Social Games.

It seems as though marketing the game to an international audience really paid off for Zynga. By adding Spanish, French, German, and Italian to supplement English, the game suddenly had access to about 200 million Facebook users (as rudimentary as a social game is, you still need a good command of the English language to understand its terminology). Also, Zynga’s promotion for this game has been pretty aggressive: upon installation, the application asked me to invite friends to play, and then continued promoting deals and announcing playing tips on my News Feed. Add all this to having a cousin like FarmVille (which automatically makes Sam, the poster girl from CityVille, your top neighbor), and, well, you got what could become the biggest game on Facebook.

Touted as “where Monopoly meets Main Street,” CityVille lets you build an entire metropolis from the ground up, from planting and harvesting crops to buying and selling goods, paving roads, opening restaurants, and working with neighbors in mutually beneficial city projects.

Have you guys been playing CityVille? Do you think it has the potential to be the new FarmVille?