What Is Facebook Head Of U.S. Hispanic Sales Christian Martinez Planning?

By David Cohen 

HispanicWomenCellPhone650Earlier this month, Facebook announced the launch of a new ad product aimed at helping brands target Hispanic users, as well as the hire of former Univision Vice President of Network and Interactive Sales Christian Martinez as head of U.S. Hispanic sales. Martinez offered more details on the social network’s Hispanic marketing goals in an interview with Portada.

When the social network announced Hispanic offers and the hiring of Martinez, it also provided the following statistics on its U.S. Hispanic users:

  • U.S. Hispanics access Facebook more frequently than U.S. users overall, as the social network pointed out that 69 percent of U.S. Hispanics were active on six of the past seven days, compared with 62 percent of all U.S. users.
  • U.S. Hispanics also access Facebook via mobile devices at a greater rate than overall U.S. users.

And Facebook said that in the 30 days prior to its announcement, U.S. Hispanic users were responsible for:

Martinez told Portada:

We are still defining the scope. We are adding headcount, starting with Miami, and putting individuals in New York and Chicago, as well.

Since such an important part of our audience is mobile-exclusive, mobile is going to be an important part of the offering. We don’t look at it simply as mobile, but integrated. We have the ability to segment by desktop or mobile, as well as to provide tracking capabilities.

it is a very important piece for advertisers going forward. All new products will also be available to U.S. Hispanic audiences.

Martinez also explained how Facebook defines its U.S. Hispanic cluster:

We utilize a proprietary method of identifying people who are interested in or will respond well to Hispanic content based on how they use Facebook and what they share our platform. For example, we include people who have their language set to Spanish or post in Spanish on Facebook, or who like pages that are particularly of interest to people who like Hispanic content.

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