UCLA-Based Chinese Delivery Names Itself ‘Ching Chong Ling Long’ In Honor Of Alexandra Wallace

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Remember Alexandra Wallace?  How could we forget the UCLA student that made headlines for her racist rant, and subsequently withdrew from the university?  Wallace inspired a backlash from the Asian community and beyond when she went on a rant about ‘Asians in the Library’, right after the tsunami earlier this year and, most memorably, imitated Asians talking, saying “Ching Chong! Ling Long! Ting Tong!”  One Chinese takeout restaurant that serves the UCLA campus is paying homage to Wallace, so it seems.  They’ve actually named their business Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Gourmet Takeout.

Maureen O’Conner over at Gawker reported the news about Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Gourmet Takeout this morning, adding that, “Though well-intentioned, I suspect Ching Chong Ling Long’s employees will get sick of this pretty quickly.”

Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Takeout is located in Westwood at 11701 Wilshire Blvd, at the Palace Restaurant Seafood & Dim Sum.  The takeout service’s website laughs at itself, saying, “We believe that the best way to combat intolerance is through a positive cultural experience mixed in with a healthy serving of humor, and hope that after you try us, you too will feel that way.”

In addition to some quite delicious-looking photos of their beef and broccoli,  chicken chow mein and mix vegetable deluxe, the site also features a funny picture of a cat with a soup bowl on his head, “Because everyone likes a cute cat picture,” as well as a fortune cookie themed “WTF?” image, which exhibits how Ching-Chong-Ling-Long’s customers feel when they are closed.

What do you think about the fact that YouTube meme and ex-UCLA student Alexandra Wallace has inspired the naming of a Chinese takeout restaurant?  Do you think the name and business will stick or is your reaction more like the girl in the fortune cookie graphic above—WTF?

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