Cheezburger Builder Turns Facebook Photos Into Memes

By Justin Lafferty 

Millions of people around the Internet love using Cheezburger to turn photos into memes, but now users can connect their Facebook accounts into the Cheezburger Builder to get their friends into the mix. Cheezburger — the company behind I Can Has Cheezburger and Fail Blog, among others — has deepened its Facebook integration to allow users to seamlessly select their Facebook photos and create funny memes.

While it’s still fun to add words to that McKayla Maroney photo or picture of a cute kitten, being able to easily caption a Facebook photo from a friend’s party is something only you can do. Instead of having to save and upload, Cheezburger recently made it easier, allowing users to simply connect their Facebook accounts to Cheezburger. Then, users can sort through their photo albums to find the right photos and tag friends.

Cheezburger Builder already has more than 300,000 Facebook connections.

People can also let their Facebook friends caption photos, letting others create memes.

Cheezburger Product Manager Peter Denton talked with AllFacebook about the newest Facebook integration:

We’re trying to bridge the gap between what’s funny to everyone — when you think about things like Cheezburger and Reddit and Funny or Die — and taking that to a socially relevant angle. People can use their social content, like Facebook photos, caption them, and play in the meme culture, but still create content that’s highly meaningful to their friends and family.

Readers: Do you love to create memes?