Facebook Users Love To Check-in To Home, Pennsylvania

By Justin Lafferty 

Most Facebook users utilize the check-in feature when they’re on vacation or returning home from a trip. But the third-most checked-in place in the world, according to SocialBakers statistics, is an unincorporated town tucked into central Pennsylvania: Home.

The first two places on SocialBakers’ list seem like natural places to check-in en masse: Los Angeles International Airport and Facebook. But the third raises some eyebrows: Home, Pennsylvania. Facebook users love to check into different Homes, such as those in West Virginia (10th on the list) and Kansas (28th). According to SocialBakers, more than 1.3 million people have checked into Home, Penn.

In terms of actual population-to-check-in ratio, these three unincorporated towns have to be the lowest on Facebook. Home, Penn. is a part of Rayne Township in Indiana County. As of the 2000 Census, there are just 3,292 people in all of Rayne Township, but Home has more than 105,000 likes on Facebook.

Home, West Virginia is another unincorporated small town with a minuscule population but a booming popularity on Facebook. SocialBakers notes that Home, West Virginia has more than 854,000 check-ins and 52,926 likes on Facebook.

Home, Kansas has a population of just 303 people, but more than 413,000 check-ins have occurred there. Home, Kansas has also been liked by 22,063 Facebook users.

Readers: Where is the most random or remote place you’ve checked in on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.