CheaterVille Gets Its GTL On with MTV’s Jersey Shore

By David Cohen 

If two cast members from Jersey Shore can’t convince you not to cheat –especially one who openly cheated during the MTV reality show — then who can? CheaterVille, a social network where users share information on alleged cheaters, profiled by SocialTimes last month, signed up two guidettes for its anti-cheating campaign.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore have both endorsed the site following an agreement with MTV, with the latter saying, “I think that if you cheat, you should be dumped for it, and you should be abused. Karma is a bitch, and I can’t wait to post cheaters on the site.”

Also as part of the pact between CheaterVille and MTV, the Jersey Shore landing page features CheaterVille ads in prime positions, along with a video of cast members speaking out against cheating.

CheaterVille founder and former United States Marine James McGibney said:

If we can get cast members of Jersey Shore to realize that cheating is wrong and voice their opinions against it, I know this world will become a better place, and their fans are already echoing some Jersey Shore cast members’ viewpoints on cheating. We had more than 6,500 new subscribers within one week directly because of the power of Jersey Shore. Its viewers are extremely loyal. CheaterVille’s ad on MTV has a click-through rate that outperforms MTV site-average click-through rate by 233% percent.