Chat Alert Notifies You When Facebook Friends Log On

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook stalkers, your arsenal of surveillance weapons just expanded with the release of a new application: Chat Alert.

Chat Alert describes itself as:

An extremely user-friendly Facebook application that enables you to be informed regarding the connectivity of your Facebook friend. Interested in talking with someone on chat but don’t feel like refreshing and keep checking whenever they are online? Chat Alert will do this for you and so much more!

The app lets you add five friends free-of-charge before the meter starts running; they don’t have to install Chat Alert (nor may they want to do so, depending on why they’ve been selected) in order for the alerts to work.

Alerts are delivered via email, to the Facebook inbox, or via SMS alerts (extra charge).

If stalking five friends doesn’t quench users’ thirst, more friends can be added by using Facebook Credits at the rates of $0.50 for five, $1 for 20, $2.20 for 50, or $9.90 for 300 (stalking 300 people must be roughly equivalent to a full-time job).

As for SMS alerts, they cost $1.80 for five, $4.70 for 20, $9.90 for 50, or a whopping $55 for 300. Don’t forget to charge your cell phone.

Chat Alert also offers customization of the frequency of messages, for those pesky stalking targets who keep logging in and out of Facebook.

Readers, how much do you use Facebook chat?