Chart: The Internet’s Favorite Oscar Nominees

By Devon Glenn 

It’s that time again: the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony will air on February 25. While members of the Academy have already cast their votes, moviegoers are turning to social media to talk about which stars deserve an Oscar the most. Can they predict the outcome?

To create this leader board of internet favorites, Taykey measured the volume of conversation around each nominee on 50,000 social forums, noting the amount of positive sentiment the fans expressed. “This is interesting,” the company wrote. “Though Alan Arkin received the lowest number of conversations in his category, those conversations were all positive. The Academy votes passion more than popularity, so the sentiment score on this may be more predictive than the volume score.  But we had to make a choice and in social media world volume seems to win out.”

In the chart below, the nominees are ranked by popularity in the most anticipated categories of the night. Here, the musical “Les Misérables” wins in more than category. Do you think the voters will agree?