‘Charlie Bit Me’ Family Has Made Half A Million Dollars Since 2007 [Video]

By Megan O'Neill 

We’ve all seen ‘Charlie bit my finger,’ the adorable viral video in which baby Charlie bites his brother’s finger and it “really hurts.”  It’s the most popular viral video of all time, with over 436 million YouTube views and, according to ABC News, has made the family over half a million dollars since it was uploaded in 2007.

In the interview on ABC’s Nightline, the boys’ dad, Howard Davies-Carr, explains how the whole thing started.  “To me it was just a lovely moment,” he says, and he posted the video on YouTube in 2007 to share with his sons’ godfather in Colorado.  A couple months later he returned to YouTube to see that it had already racked up close to a million views.  “At first I thought, well, this is a bit strange, maybe I should take it down.  And then I realized that, well, if I take it down then what would happen is that everybody that’s already created parodies or taken a copy of it and put it on their own website will just keep those running.”

It’s a good thing Davies-Carr didn’t take the video down.  When the video hit 50 million views and he found out he could partake in revenue sharing it was like his family had won the lottery.  Between YouTube revenue and TV spots, the family has made half a million, and the money will keep rolling in for as long as people keep watching the video.

When Charlie was asked if he still bites his brother’s finger he said, “No, he doesn’t let me now.”  But he did get in a good bite of reporter Jeffrey Kofman’s finger!

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