Facebook Increasingly Used As A Platform For Good

By Justin Lafferty 

While countless businesses and brands are using Facebook’s platform for profit, many others are utilizing the social network for a selfless cause. Facebook recently pointed out a few organizations that are making a positive difference while using open graph technology.

Libby Leffler, Facebook’s strategic partner manager, wrote about programs such as justgiving, WeTopia, FundRazr, Learnist, and Causes, which are making big things happen through the site’s open graph capabilities.

Leffler noted that the top 25 nonprofits using Facebook pages connect with more than 32 million people around the world. She praised the work being done by justgiving, a U.K.-based fundraising platform that allows people to share their charitable giving actions via Facebook. Since justgiving integrated open graph actions in May, application usage is up 177 percent, and the nonprofit estimates that each time a donation activity is shared, it is worth more than $8 to a charitable organization. Last year, people raised more than $40 million for charities through justgiving.

WeTopia, a Facebook game, gives players the chance to make an impact by building virtual villages and earning points that become charitable donations. So far, players have provided more than 1.6 million gallons of drinking water and 760,000 hot meals for children in Haiti, 45,000 meals for U.S. children living in poverty, and 3,000 warm coats for children in Afghanistan and the U.S.

FundRazr is another charitable program that has found wild success on Facebook. It’s a social fundraising app that helps people collect funds for causes. Since it launched a website with open graph integration, there has been a sixfold increase in referral traffic. When FundRazr added the built-in like action, it led to a 30x increase in total referrals and a 60x increase in story impressions.

Learnist, a social learning product, provides online lessons prepared by teachers and experts. Since Learnist launched its open graph website integration in June, it has seen impressions jump from 6,000 per day to more than 100,000. Learnist actions have created more than 2.5 million open graph impressions in the last 30 days.

Causes provides online tools for organizing, advocacy, and fundraising campaigns. When a user makes a donation through Causes.com, it generates a custom open graph story.

Not for Sale, which works to end trafficking and modern-day slavery, launched a campaign where each donation shared via Facebook generated an additional visitor to the campaign. Not for Sale raised $154,000 in two months and founded the launch of a beverage company that is working to fight human slavery.

Leffler lauded the work done by these organizations through open graph technology. She said these apps and organizations excel at using Facebook login, customizing timeline posts, and creating actions that are natural:

We are consistently impressed by the cause-focused organizations using Facebook to drive awareness and action around society’s most pressing problems. With a community of 1 billion people on Facebook, every local cause can become a global one — and every global cause can turn into a personal movement.

Readers: Have you ever donated through any of these apps or organizations?