As Facebook Partners With Chango, Ads Can Be Bought Using Google Search Data

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook and brands that market on the social network are constantly trying to figure out what users want to buy, but the data users present on the site give a limited picture at times. Now, it seems Facebook has solved that. As Business Insider reports, Facebook accepted Chango (and its major cache of Google search data) into its ad exchange program.

In September, Facebook partnered with Datalogix to see if users made purchases based off ads or posts they saw off the site, widening the social network’s marketing reach a little bit.

Previously, Facebook advertisers targeted their ads based on cookies and profile data, such as likes and interests. If users like a lot of photography pages, visit photography groups, and post about photography, they will probably see more ads for camera equipment. But when they search for “Canon Rebel” on Google, that information has been off-limits to those who advertise via the social network.

However, that may change soon, as Chango is now a member of Facebook Exchange (FBX).

As Chango notes on its website, the company has information on more than 300 million search users — many of whom use Google as their search engine of choice.

Chango CEO Chris Sukornyk summed up what his company could do for Facebook, in an interview with Ad Exchanger:

None of the existing FBX partners are bringing search data inside Chango is the only FBX partner that allows marketers to target individuals inside Facebook based on the searches they’ve done on Google, Yahoo, or Bing just moments before. This allows marketers to seek our new customers using intent data.

Readers: Do you feel comfortable knowing that Facebook has this data?