Celebrity Social Media Sponsorship Platform Thoughtful Launches

By Cameron Scott 

snoop dogg, thoughtful, celebrity sponsorshipThoughtful launched on Thursday with a new model of celebrity sponsorship on social media.

Brands and nonprofits can look for celebrities to promote their work, subject to a minimum ad spend of of $25,000. Celebrities can also solicit introductions to causes or products that interest them. Thoughtful claims to have 250 celebrities lined up to participate.

“The service works like a matchmaking service for celebrities, brands and causes,” explained Founder and CEO Derek Rey, formerly of Ad.ly.

Snoop Dogg has already tweeted for Carl’s Jr., in a campaign that will benefit the rap star’s nonprofit youth football league.

Users will see tweets from the celebrities or other influencers they follow that will be identified as sponsored. Thoughtful is launching on Twitter but will likely expand to other social networks.

“If you look at the largest audiences in social media, it’s often a person or a celebrity,” Rey said in the company’s introductory video. The company aims to “connect that person with the things that they’re passionate about,” giving the consumer a more “conversational” ad experience.

Thoughtful is a B-Corp, or public benefit company, giving it a bit of a PR edge over other social marketing firms. Ten percent of all revenues will go to social and environmental causes, Rey said.

Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com