Paul Ceglia Vows To Continue Fight Against Facebook

By David Cohen Comment

The hits keep coming for Paul Ceglia, as U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio Tuesday ordered the self-proclaimed Facebook co-owner to pay $75,766.70 in legal fees to the social network, which had been seeking more than $84,000.

Despite the fact that all of the momentum in this lawsuit has swung Facebook’s way, Ceglia is showing no signs of giving up the fight.

He told ZDNet’s Friending Facebook that the contract between him and Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg that was found on his computer was planted by Facebook, and that he and his legal team will prove its lack of authenticity.

Ceglia told Friending Facebook he believes Zuckerberg or law firm Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe planted the document, referring to Zuckerberg as “an admitted forger and an admitted hacker,” and claiming that the Facebook co-founder deleted emails related to the case.

Furthermore, Ceglia is attempting to open-source his lawsuit, as he told Friending Facebook he established the registration-only website to solicit legal and technical expertise and “nail him down for good,” with “him” referring to Zuckerberg.

The ruling by Foschio follows the $5,000 civil contempt fine the judge imposed on Ceglia last month for obstructing one of his orders by failing to provide Facebook with information about his personal email account.

Foschio ruled that the fees were justified because Facebook was required to hire forensic experts in order to present its case.

Dean Boland, an attorney for Ceglia, told CNET:

We have scrupulously followed the court’s orders and intend to continue doing so throughout upcoming discovery and the eventual trial of this matter. Whether parties agree or disagree, court orders have to be followed, and that is what we will continue to do.

The one minor bit of good news for Ceglia: Foschio denied a request by Facebook that he be prevented from filing additional motions in the case until the legal fees were paid.

Readers: Is there any chance that Ceglia can reverse the downward spiral his lawsuit seems to be trapped in?