Judge Recommends Dismissal Of Self-Proclaimed Facebook Co-Owner Paul Ceglia’s Lawsuit

By David Cohen 

The long-running saga of Paul Ceglia may finally be nearing its end, as U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York Judge Leslie Foschio recommended that the lawsuit in which Ceglia claims to own one-half of Facebook be dismissed.

AP reported that Foschio ruled that the contract between Ceglia and Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, dated April 28, 2003, contained no references to Facebook, and Zuckerberg said earlier that the idea for the social network didn’t even exist at that time. The judge ruled that Ceglia altered the original contract prior to filing his lawsuit in 2010. Foschio wrote:

The evidence filed by (Ceglia) in opposition, although voluminous, simply is replete with patent inconsistencies, demonstrating that the work-for-hire document is a gross fabrication.

According to AP, the 155-page report by Foschio and his recommendations will now to a district judge, with each side having 14 days to file objections.

Facebook Deputy General Counsel Colin Stretch reacted to Foschio’s ruling, as reported by AP:

Today’s federal court decision confirms what we have said from day one: This lawsuit is an inexcusable fraud based on forged documents. We are pleased the court agrees.

The Ceglia soap opera has contained a little bit of everything since the suit was filed in 2010:

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