From Shatner To Barbershop Quartets, Everyone’s Singing ‘F**k You!’

By Megan O'Neill Comment

The new runaway hit single from from Cee Lo has got everyone singing ‘F**k You!’ and we mean everyone. From barbershop quartets to YouTube celebs, wannabe pop stars and even William Shatner, the world is going crazy for the most popular four letter word around.

‘F**k You’ tore up the YouTube streams back in August with a simple music video with animated text of the song’s lyrics. The video managed to rack up nearly three million views in the first week alone.

The original video of the lyrics gave fans a taste for the song, and just over a week later an official video was uploaded to YouTube giving the song even more coverage. The official video has been viewed 20 million times, on top of the 7 million views the original video received.

Two months later, ‘F**k You’ is still gaining popularity all over the world. Just yesterday I heard it blasting from a corner store while I was walking down the street here in Tel Aviv, it’s being played on the radio worldwide (the censored ‘Forget You’ version, of course), and all sorts of surprising characters are covering the song.

William Shatner Sings ‘F**k You’

One of my favorite covers of ‘F**k You’ was performed by the one and only William Shatner on Lopez Tonight earlier this month. This wasn’t the first time Shatner has a YouTube-inspired Lopez performance. Last spring he performed ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ alongside Lin Yu Chun, the Taiwanese guy who made a name for himself doing a perfect rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’. I really like Shatner’s rendition of ‘F**k You’, it’s some kind of mix between Tom Waits, Lou Reed and, well, I guess Captain Kirk!

F**K You Acapella cover by The Overtones

Just as William Shatner put his own uber-masculine twist on ‘F**k You’, barbershop quartet The Overtones have put their own twist on the song in their acapella version.

The XFactor – The Final 12 Sing Forget You

Even the Final 12 contestants on the UK’s X Factor 2010 sang Cee Lo’s song (though they sang the clean version).

DeStorm Cee Lo Green – F**K YOU – Music Video Spoof

Not everyone is singing Cee Lo’s song word-for-word in their covers. YouTube celeb DeStorm spoofed the song to say a big ‘F-You’ to all the YouTube haters out there. “I see your comment on my channel saying that I suck so I just BLOCK YOU!”

Cee Lo Sings ‘Fox News’ on Colbert Report

Cee Lo even spoofed himself on a recent episode of the Colbert Report. Colbert told Cee Lo he could sing the song on air, but as the Colbert Report is a “family show”, Colbert asks that he say ‘Fox News’ instead of dropping the F-Bomb. Funny stuff.

All lyrics aside, Cee Lo’s ‘F**k You’ is a f**kin’ catchy song. Do you think as many people would be covering it, listening to it and watching the video if it had cleaner lyrics? Have you seen any other great ‘F**k You’ covers? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!