Video Makers! Here’s Your Chance To Go To Cannes [Contest]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

YouTube is rewarding creatives for doing good work for good causes with their Good Work contest. Create a video to promote a non-profit organization of your choosing and you could win a trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, where you will be showcased.

Interested in enjoying the spotlight at Cannes? Get creating then! According to the contest rules, which you can find on the YouTube Good Work Channel, your video must be submitted by midnight on May 9, 2011. Once all the entries are in, you’ll have five days to gather votes for your entry. The winners will be announced at midnight on May 21, 2011. Your video must be 60 seconds or less, contain original, legal and appropriate material, and contain no music.

How do you choose which non-profit or good cause you’d like to promote? You can find a brief by clicking on “I’m a creative, Find a brief” on the Good Work channel. You can look for briefs about different non-profit organizations in a variety of categories including Human Rights, Education, Environment, Poverty/Development, Arts and Culture, Animal Rights, Social Justice and more. There are currently over 200 different briefs listed that you can choose from, and non-profits are invited to submit briefs as well.

I think that YouTube Good Work is a fantastic initiative. Not only are creative individuals getting the opportunity to compete for a chance to strut their stuff at Cannes, but the contest should also result in the spread of all sorts of great promotions for non-profits and good causes. Every video created for the contest, whether it wins or not, will be spreading the word about a good cause, which is fantastic. I can’t wait to see the videos that result and the different great causes that will be promoted.

Do you plan to enter the YouTube Good Work contest? What good cause will you be promoting?