Facebook Users Sweet On Candy Crush Saga; Daily Active Users Double In May

By David Cohen 

Facebook integration has helped sweeten the playing field for King.com’s Candy Crush Saga, a puzzle game in which players swap different types of candy to clear the game board and advance to higher levels.

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog that Candy Crush Saga doubled its daily active users in May, to more than 2.7 million daily active users (the current figure is 3.4 million, according to AppData), and it has driven 800 million game plays to date, detailing things the game does well:

  • Bring friends into the game: Players see friend’s faces on the board the moment they land in the game, motivating them to advance through the levels to pass their friends.
  • Create opportunities for sharing: Candy Crush shows the leaderboard for each level and highlights the friends that the player passes with a large share button, prompting the player to brag about beating a friend using the feed dialog.
  • Use gifting to keep people coming back: Candy Crush makes it easy to keep friends engaged in the game. The game uses requests to encourage players to send gifts to their friends and ask friends to return the favor.