How Campari Israel Doubled Its Facebook Fans: Two Tickets To Milan And Some Ingenuity

By Nancy Dunham 

CampariIsraelMilanTeaserPop quiz: What do you do when you have 3,500 Facebook fans you want to feel the cool vibe of Milan, the home of liqueur Campari, but can only send two of them to the city itself? Answer: Invite all the fans to tour the city via Google Street Maps and record those tours with a special screenshot button.

The campaign was so popular, it generated more than 3,200 images by 1,000 fans in about one month, and it doubled the population of Campari Israel’s Facebook page to nearly 7,000 fans, said Idan Eldar, creative director of Israel-based Refresh, which hatched the idea, adding in an email:

We took users on a stroll along Milan’s hottest spots … and allowed them to take as many snapshots as they wanted of the sights they saw, just like real tourists. The users could select more than 20 Milan attractions as the starting point of the trip, like the golden square, the opera house, and many premium fashion stores, and then take their stroll in each direction they wanted with the street view arrows, thus discovering exciting new places to photograph and enter the contest with. The first prize for the best picture taken was an actual vacation in Milan.

We think the real winners were Eldar, Copywriter Uri Zilberman, Project Supervisor Liron Mizrachi, design studio Studio Promarket, and, most of all, Campari Israel.

Readers: Would you like to see more brands on Facebook experiment with similar campaigns?