Camera Wizard Interactive Film School Hits YouTube

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Back in December Vimeo launched their own online video school to teach filmmakers, video makers and animators of all backgrounds and skill sets everything from the basics to advanced video making techniques. Now it looks like film school is coming to YouTube as well. The Camera Wizard is a new interactive video series that hit YouTube this week to teach video makers how a camera works and how to use your camera to achieve the best possible shot.

The Camera Wizard is brought to you by YouTube Partner Corey Vidal, aka ApprenticeA. Corey goes from basics through advanced techniques for shooting video with all sorts of cameras from cell phone cameras to digital SLRs and even full-blown video cameras. The Camera Wizard tutorial comes in the form of an interactive video experience that covers white balance, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It’s broken down to a bunch of different options so you can really learn relevant information for your particular camera and intent.

Once you start watching you may be busy for a while, but when you’re done you’ll be able to shoot stunning content for your online videos. Here’s hoping that Corey plans to upload more tutorials like this one to cover other aspects of online video. He’s a great teacher and there is tons of great information to be uncovered in the Camera Wizard.

If you’ve checked out the Camera Wizard and still have a hankering for more knowledge and ways to improve your online videos then check out the Vimeo Video School. I wonder if Vimeo’s new school inspired Corey (and YouTube) to make this interactive film school video (I couldn’t help that he was wearing a YouTube shirt). I think it’s really great that online video sites and partners are taking the initiative to teach video makers tips on how to improve their videos and I hope that ultimately it will lead to higher quality online video content all around. Will you take advantage of any of these online tools to learn how to improve your video making?