Camera Effects: Facebook Users (in Some Countries) Can Create Custom Profile Picture Frames

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook is allowing users in select countries to create custom profile picture frames that can be shared and used by other users, as well.

The social network launched its Camera Effects feature in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the U.K. and Ireland, telling Sarah Perez of TechCrunch that it intends to further refine this feature, along with the in-application camera it began testing in Ireland in October, before rolling them out to other countries.

Frames designed via the Camera Effects feature must adhere to Facebook’s terms of service or they will be removed.


Facebook began allowing users to add custom frames to their profile pictures in 2015, starting with select college football teams and the National Basketball Association.

And pages got into the act earlier this year, as well.

The social network provided instructions for using the feature on the Camera Effects page:

  1. Make a frame in your favorite design tool. Create a PNG with a transparent background for each element.
  2. Upload your art to Facebook. Arrange each element on the canvas to compose your frame.
  3. Preview how your frame will look in different sizes. Photos and videos can be square, portrait and landscape.
  4. Fill out details about your frame. Then submit your frame for review, which typically takes up to a week.
  5. Once your frame is approved and active, people can add it to photos and videos they share on Facebook.
  6. See how your frame is doing with stats like the number of times people used your frame.

Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out globally?