BuzzFeed Sued Over Katy Perry, Kathy Griffin Photos

By Cameron Scott 

katy perry, buzzfeed, mavrix, celebrities, celebrity photos, social networking, social media, copyright, intellectual propertyA celebrity photo agency, Mavrix, has sued the website BuzzFeed for using its copyrighted photos. At issue are photos of actress/comedian Kathy Griffin and photos of singer Katy Perry in Miami.

The photos are included with the legal filings, which are available on ScribD.

The lawsuit was filed on October 11 in the Central California district court. BuzzFeed is incorporated in Delaware and based in New York, but according to the lawsuit does business in Central California. Mavrix is based in Florida, but claims it suffered harm in the California district.

The lawsuit alleges that Mavrix obtained the photos “at significant cost,” and that BuzzFeed profited from them.

Mavrix further claims that the copyright infringement was “willful because … [d]efendants are sophisticated online publishers with full knowledge of the strictures of federal copyright law and the basic requirements for licensing the use of copyrighted content for commercial exploitation.”

BuzzFeed declined to comment, but is looking into the matter.

Photo of Katy Perry: Eva Rinaldi via Wikipedia