Business Wire Adds Nuvi Social Media Monitoring Reports

By David Cohen 

Companies that use Business Wire to release information to the media can now track how their content performed on Facebook and other social media platforms with the media-distribution company’s addition of Social Media Monitoring Reports from social analytics platform Nuvi.

Business Wire members can track social media response in categories including volume, sentiment, influencers, location, and virality, on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Delicious, Reddit, Vimeo, and Flickr.

The Social Snapshot report monitors social media conversations and influencer activity, focusing on volume of mentions, reach, spread (how often mentions are shared), viral coefficient (the relationship between the two previously mentioned metrics), and information on key influencers.

And the Social Landscape report provides in-depth information on conversations about Business Wire clients’ press releases, including how, when, and where they are taking place, as well as positive and negative sentiment over time, maps displaying where conversation is most concentrated, and a “word burst” feature that lets users know what is trending.

Business Wire Vice President of Product Development and Integration Maria Van Wambeke said:

When designing the technical integration of Nuvi reports into Business Wire systems, we put a lot of focus on making the reports easy to order and easily accessible from existing Business Wire tools. We accomplished this by incorporating the robust Nuvi social media reporting into our existing NewsTrak Measurement Reports.

Business Wire Executive VP of Media Services and Product Strategy Laura Sturaitis added:

By partnering with Nuvi, we are able to give our members actionable intelligence regarding their brands and industries. The ability to use social media reporting to immediately connect and interact with consumers is a critical component to success.

And Nuvi Co-Founder and CEO David Oldham said:

We are excited to offer Business Wire members access to our powerful social media reporting tools. Social media has quickly become the best barometer of public perception, but with so many conversations taking place all at once, it can be hard to sift through all the available information. At Nuvi, we’ve created products that cut through the noise and pinpoint information that matters most. Business Wire has always shown a deep commitment to offering world-class services, and with the addition of our comprehensive and actionable reports, its members will be able to take their public relations efforts to the next level.