Facebook Begins Rollout Of Business Manager

By David Cohen 

BusinessManagerExpands650In mid-March, Facebook confirmed that it was developing a single interface to allow large advertisers, enterprises, and agencies to manage multiple campaigns and pages, Business Manager. The social network announced Monday in a post on its Facebook for Business page that it was expanding the availability of Business Manager, adding that it is currently available to a “limited number” of advertisers in the U.S., and that it will roll out internationally “within a few weeks.”

Business Manager may cut into the businesses of third-party Facebook advertising companies, and even Preferred Marketing Developers, as many of the tasks performed by those third parties will now be available in a single dashboard and simplified.

TechCrunch reported in March when Business Manager was initially revealed that users’ professional and personal Facebook data are completely separated, and permissions and payment access can easily be established for team members, adding that advertisers’ existing campaigns or scheduled posts will not be affected when they transition to Business Manager.

Facebook offered more details in its Facebook for Business post:

Business Manager integrates all of your Facebook advertising-campaign-management efforts into one tool. It’s designed to simplify your marketing efforts.

If you’re advertising for yourself — say, you’re on the in-house marketing team for a national brand — Business Manager shows you:

  • The pages, ad accounts, and applications linked to your brand.


  • The people on your team who can access these assets to do their jobs.


  • External partners, like agencies or PMDs, with access to your pages, ad accounts, and apps.


If you’re advertising for someone else — for instance, you work at an agency or PMD — Business Manager shows all of the pages, ad accounts, and apps that your clients have allowed you to access, as well as the people on your teams who have access to them.


Through Business Manager, you can control all aspects of your business on Facebook. You can add or delete ad accounts linked to your company.


And you can grant or revoke permission to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, apps, and pages.


Business Manager is built to help advertisers work better and faster. With one click, admins can add new people to ad accounts and pages, greatly reducing the time it takes to set up and manage marketing efforts. For employees and external partners, Business Manager makes it easy to find the things they’re working on.


Business Manager also makes it easier for people to keep their personal and business experiences on Facebook separate. People can use their Facebook login to access all the ad accounts and pages they work on, without having to be friends with other people from work to gain access.

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