New Buffer Browser Plugins Enhance Scheduled Facebook Sharing

By David Cohen 

Social sharing application Buffer released a set of browser plugins that allow for greater integration with Facebook.

The Buffer plugins are available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and they also enhance sharing via Buffer with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reader, HackerNews, and Reddit. Installing the plugins adds a green Buffer button to users’ Facebook queues.

Buffer allows users to schedule their posts on social networks, and the new plugins bring this capability to status updates, photos, and shared links.

In an email to its users introducing the new browser plugins, as well as a post on its blog, Buffer offered more details:

You can now Buffer your status updates. Is it is too late or too early for any of your friends to see your update? Just Buffer it.

Also, from now on, whenever you click the share button on a picture, you can Buffer it. The best part? It Buffers the actual picture.

If you click the Buffer button on pictures, it will take the picture instead of a link, and you can also share it on Twitter or LinkedIn right away.

And it of course also works when Buffering links you came across on Facebook.

Readers: Have you ever used Buffer or any other app that allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook and other social networks?