BuddyTV Guide App Incorporates Sports To Help MLB Fans Keep Track Of Busy Playoff Schedule

By Megan O'Neill 

The BuddyTV Guide app, a channel guide for iOS, Android and Google TV that uses social intelligence and personalization to help users find what they want to watch in 20 seconds or less, has launched an MLB Quicklist in anticipation of the busy playoffs schedule.

With 43 potential playoff games, it can be hard for baseball fans to keep track of them all.  BuddyTV aims to make it easy for users to access a chronological list of games, or search for specific teams to find out when they’re playing next.  Users can see which local channels the games are playing on and set alerts to be reminded of the games that they don’t want to miss.

Co-founder and CEO of BuddyTV, Andy Liu, says, “Here at BuddyTV we don’t just watch scripted or reality series, we love sports too.  We know users will find great value in getting all their MLB schedules with a simple touch.  We’re always looking to enhance the features of the app, and sports listings were a no-brainer.”

Personally, I’m a big fan of the MLB.com At Bat app when it comes to following my favorite teams.  I like the video updates and stats that it provides when I’m away from my TV or the game I’m following isn’t being broadcasted in my area.  However, sometimes it can be hard finding out exactly where I can watch certain games and BuddyTV sounds like a great free tool for finding out about games and where they can be seen.  And it’s not just MLB.  BuddyTV has incorporated a full sporting events listings page, also including an NFL Quicklist.

Do you think you’ll be using the BuddyTV Guide app to make sure you don’t miss any games this postseason?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Image credit: kayintveen via shutterstock.com

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