Buddy Media Offers Tips To Master Facebook Ads, Timeline

By Justin Lafferty 

Still trying to figure out how to make your company’s page shine with timeline? Maybe you’re not getting the click-through rates you were hoping for with your Facebook ads. Buddy Media, which provides social business solutions, has you covered. The company recently released some tips and guidelines for greater success marketing through Facebook.

The four major things a company can do, according to Buddy Media: Use Facebook’s reach generator, learn and understand what you can really do with Facebook ads, optimize the way your page looks in timeline, and tie it all together to build your fan base.

Benefits of using reach generator:

  • While your posts usually only reach about 16 percent of your fans, paying to use reach generator guarantees that the total will rise to 75 percent.
  • Buddy Media says using reach generator (even if you have to pay for it) can more than double engagement on your page.
  • Investing in content that engages your fans through reach generator will cause your page’s EdgeScore ranking to skyrocket.

What can you do with Facebook ads?

  • Learn the difference between premium and marketplace ads. Buddy Media notes that premium ads now appear in four places: the news feed, the right-hand navigation menu, the mobile news feed, and the log-out screen. Marketplace ads are just on the right-hand navigation area.
  • Business should be open about letting fans “choose” what they want to see in ads by monitoring what kinds of ads they like to see and like to click on, then tailoring their marketing plans based on that.

Make sure your page is timeline-friendly:

  • The cover image is the first thing people see, so it’s important to make sure that catches some eyes. Buddy Media uses the example of Subway, which puts a delicious sandwich as its cover image. Just make sure that the cover image satisfies Facebook guidelines.
  • Also take advantage of the profile image and the tab images, which can lead more people to other aspects of your company.
  • Explore all of the applications and tabs  Facebook offers pages through timeline. They offer more ways for your company to interact with fans. Tabbed posts and content such as highlights and key events give users a little more insight into your business.

Buddy Media feels that using all of these Facebook marketing tenets will help businesses gain more success through Facebook.

Readers: Do you have any other tips for effectively using timeline for social marketing success?