Buddy Media Soups Up Social Marketing Suite

By David Cohen 

Social enterprise software creator Buddy Media announced a host of additions to its social marketing suite this morning, including a unified social data application-programming interface, universal conversion tracking, and a new mobile content-development platform.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Ragovin said of the new features announced by Buddy Media:

It’s about powering your connections. We are bringing everything under one roof and under one umbrella to leverage all of the data. Having this unified social data API and mobile application platform, we’re going to be the first social enterprise platform of its kind to eliminate the silo, and offer truly one system that gets rid of the chaos that exists today. At the end of the day, that’s what’s going on.

The unified social data API ties together data from brands’ presences on social networks, including Facebook, as well as from their conversations and ads, allowing them to use holistic data in forming their interactive marketing strategies, and to integrate with their existing customer-relationship management and email systems.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazerow said of the unified social data API:

It is essential for brands to be able to easily export all of their social data programmatically and integrate it with existing CRM, email, or other business-process software, so social can be truly integrated into greater business decisions. It’s another first for Buddy Media to be able to give brands all of their social data, across paid, owned, and earned media in one API and one software solution.

Ragovin added:

With our platform being unified, we’re essentially going to cut down all of that noise and have a socially unified software, giving our clients the ability to pull data from our platform and integrate with all of their existing platforms — CRM, email — and to attach data and content across multiple apps, not just social. This will allow brands to give insight across the entire organization.

Buddy Media’s new universal conversion tracking will allow brands to monitor, in real-time, which content is performing the best, and which social posts, apps, and sharing activity are driving the most conversions.

Ragovin said the feature allows for more comprehensive conversion and return-on-investment tracking, adding:

It’s not just, “We have fans.” What is the actual value of a share and a conversion?

Lazerow added:

It’s not enough for brands and agencies to only know qualitative data such as shares and comments. They also need to know specifically which content is driving the most actions. With Buddy Media, you can now optimize content specifically for actions, not just engagement.

The new mobile app platform allows brands to launch mobile social apps including polls, product galleries, photo galleries, form builders, and video players across all platforms via Buddy Media’s social marketing suite, giving them the ability to toggle between mobile and desktop options within the suite.

“Mobile has become so important, especially with social,” Ragovin said, and Lazerow added:

Social networking is the No. 1 mobile Internet activity, according to Kantar Media Compete/GroundTruth. Our customers need the best mobile experience possible for their fans. They can’t just replicate what they’re already doing for a desktop experience. Our true mobile social applications give brands another powerful weapon to use in the Buddy Media social marketing suite.

Buddy Media’s new campaign and goal tracking offering allows brands to place social content related to a companywide marketing effort into a single group and assign that content to a campaign, including a date range and goals mined from key performance indicators, such as contest submissions, video views, sign-ups, and revenue generated. Lazerow said:

Brands can no longer afford to have a social program that is not unified. With our campaign and goals-tracking solution, brands can see how all of their social content — from experiences to conversations to ads — is working together to achieve success, and organize internal teams around specific goals.

Buddy Media also added a social app for Pinterest to its library of more than 50 social applets, allowing brands to integrate their Pinterest content with Facebook pages, blogs, and microsites.

Buddy Media said all of the enhancements it announced today will be rolled out over the coming weeks.