Facebook Game Bubble Safari Drives Zynga’s Partnership With Wildlife Conservation Society

By David Cohen 

Game developer Zynga teamed up with the Wildlife Conservation Society on an initiative that will allow players of its Bubble Safari Facebook game to purchase exclusive in-game starter packs, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the WCS.

The campaign is based on Bubbles, the bubble-popping monkey featured in Bubble Safari, and the starter packs include Safari Cash, Coins, and Power Ups.

Since its launch May 8, Bubble Safari has achieved the following milestones, according to Zynga:

  • 1.66 billion games played
  • Approximately 498 billion bubbles popped (or dropped)
  • 670 million stars won
  • Players have caught on fire 1.1 billion times

Zynga offered more details on its partnership with the WCS in a post on its blog:

Things seem to be going well for our brave monkey protagonist, Bubbles, in our new game, Bubble Safari. Bubbles has a lady friend. He’s got a group of close animal pals. He’s surrounded by an all-you-can-eat fruit buffet in a lush jungle. It’s a primate paradise. But, suddenly, Bubbles’ life is turned upside down when a group of poachers capture his sweetheart and friends.

The sad part is that too often, the same thing happens in real life to Bubbles’ wild kin. Starting today, we want to give our players a chance to help fight off real-life poachers and protect endangered primates from the illegal wildlife trade.

We’re proud to kick off Bubble Safari’s first Zynga.org initiative with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Now in Bubble Safari, players can purchase an exclusive, in-game starter pack, and 100 percent of the purchase price will go directly to the WCS to help take care of our animal friends. Starter packs include bundles of in-game Safari Cash, Coins, and Power Ups — all at a special discount. The program marks the first time we’ve incorporated a game’s central storyline into a Zynga.org campaign.

Readers: Would you like to see more game developers get involved with initiatives like the one between Zynga and the WCS?