Britney Spears Has Joined Tumblr

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Tumblr is growing rapidly and gaining some esteem while celebrities are jumping on the microblogging site. One such celebrity is Britney Spears, who just joined Tumblr via her blogging intern. The intern will be channeling the singer’s personality and comments like “Spread the words bitch…”

Though, I am not too excited about Spear’s comment. I do know that she has a huge fan base. With her Tumblr page in full force, it appears the microblogging platform is having its heyday with some moments of fame. I am beginning to wonder if the platform is about to get flooded with a bunch of new celebrity accounts. Just the other day The Beastie Boys introduced one of their new album singles, “Make Some Noise,” on their Tumblr site. The rap group even linked their Facebook page and official site to the microblogging site to present the new song.

If you are a Beastie Boys fan, you will appreciate the track; even though, it might be hard to mention the Boys together with Spears. However, if you are a Britney Spears fan, you’ll love her Tumblr site with her pictures, quotes and latest videos of her upcoming productions. Her intern did an excellent job of creating a site that reflects the celebrity’s personality compared to The Beastie Boys, whose site is rather haphazard.

But both Spears and The Beastie Boys are huge artists with considerable fan bases that have the potential of creating an enormous influx of visitors. Thus, Tumblr grows even more rapidly with the future possibilities open to any celebrity intern.