Brides Use Pinterest to Call Dibs on Wedding Ideas

By Devon Glenn 

Don’t even think about copying her prairie dress.

Something old, something new…and nothing borrowed from Pinterest. When brides are using the virtual look book to get inspiration from some of the internet’s best boutiques and magazines, they’re also scoping out the platform to make sure that their weddings are unique, at least within their circle of friends.

Nearly half the brides (46 percent) who participated a recent David’s Bridal survey said they would not use a wedding idea that they found on a friend’s Pinterest board.

Results from the same survey show that brides want control over how their weddings are documented on social media sites: 56 percent of newly married women think wedding guests should practice good social media etiquette.

Among the rules:

  • 61% say bridesmaids should not upload pictures of the bride in her dress before the ceremony
  • 52% say the bride and groom should be the first people to post a picture of their wedding on social media sites

Overall, brides are embracing social media as a planning tool, the survey revealed.

  • 68% of brides take their phones into bridal shop dressing rooms to text pictures to family or to post videos
  • 59% say Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are the best places to find inspiration

Social media is even creeping into the ceremony:

  • 49% of brides said they would consider broadcasting the wedding on Skype

They’re also making it “Facebook official”: 59% of brides update their Facebook statuses to “married” or change their user names by the next day.

Image by ftelkov.

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