How Boxers Succeed On Facebook

By Brian Honigman 

Boxers, just like other public figures, need a consistent image across various platforms, and Facebook is no exception. Many boxers and their marketing teams have adopted strategies to provide quality content, valuable behind-the-scenes insights, and a more tangible connection to their audience using their Facebook presence.

Here are four strategies that work for the boxing stars on Facebook.

Use Personal Voice

Using the right voice is vital for any Facebook page to succeed with its audience. However, boxers need a more intense use of voice across their messaging to really resonate with their fans. Driving excitement about upcoming fights and about themselves as a fighter in general is key. Fighter Miguel Cotto is doing just this on his Facebook page by using his voice to hype upcoming fights with strong language and battle cries.

Craft Content Around Your Fights

Use a consistent personal voice. Look to activate interest in upcoming fights, promotional tours, or other events to truly connect with fans. Share photos, videos, and other assets that provide value to your audience about the upcoming event and how they can look to attend in a timely fashion. Showing your audience where to buy tickets, what they can expect about the event, and even the fighter’s excitement can help drive tickets sales and event attendance.

Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day life, training, events, and matches has worked quite well for many boxers across Facebook. Users feel more connected with content from big-name athletes who show the small details of their work as boxers and, more important, who come across as people, rather than big names. Boxers and other athletes should show content related to their profession, but with a personal feel.

For example, boxer Floyd Mayweather’s Facebook page shared this photo of him with his family after a match. It’s relevant to his career, because he’s at a match in his fighting gear, but also more innately interesting to Facebook fans due to the inclusion of the rest of Mayweather’s family.

Sharing The Love

Boxing fans, like many other niche markets, are extremely engaged with the content boxers are sharing on Facebook. Making use of these connections is one major way of getting across the message to your most loyal brand advocates, while utilizing them to connect with their Facebook friends who have an interest in the boxing world.

For instance, Miguel Cotto consistently updates this album on his page, entitled Cotto & Fans. He’s adding new photos of him and his fans all across the world together at press events, matches, and elsewhere. He’s showing his Facebook audience the love he has for his fans and vice versa. Again, by connecting with fans on this level, you’re showing your personality as both a fighter and a relatable person. Share the love with your fans, and they’ll help spread your messaging across the Facebook ecosystem.

Brian Honigman is the Digital Marketing Manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises .