INFOGRAPHIC: Pinterest Tops Facebook In Social Commerce

By Julie D. Andrews 

In the social commerce realm, word in the marketplace is that social curation site Pinterest is beating Facebook.

Users of Pinterest purchase more and spend more compared with users of Facebook, according to the results of a new case study by online boutique, reported by The Business of Fashion.

Still, Facebook users stay on the social network longer and get more entrenched in the content there.

When data from were analyzed last month, results showed that:

  • 10 percent of website transactions came via Pinterest, compared with 7 percent from Facebook.
  • 87 percent of consumers visiting via Pinterest were first-timers, compared with 57 percent from Facebook.
  • On average, per transaction, Pinterest sums more than doubled Facebook.
  • Pinterest has a 43 percent higher bounce rate than Facebook (average time spent on Pinterest was found to be 14.2 minutes).

These findings were not earth-shattering. Pinterest navigation makes it easy to click through to purchase. What’s more, the motivation behind people going to Pinterest differed from the motivation behind people spending time on Facebook.

The two experiences are different, so even comparing them seems a bit odd. Pinterest is the speediest-growing platform, having accumulated some 18.7 million users as of March 2012 and there is much that can be learned from its visual appeal (it’s all visuals). Shopping has always been about looking. Facebook has always been about community.

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