Facebook Seeks Detailed Information From Users Attempting To Block Or Report Other Users

By David Cohen 

Facebook continued down the path of seeking more information when users report potentially troublesome situations, following up its dialog box that asks users changing their passwords if they were hacked with a series of questions for users seeking to block or report other users.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported on the details the social network is requesting, including the accompanying screen shots of the forms users must complete.

The options users can choose from follow, with most of them, in turn, containing multiple options:

  • This is my old account.
  • This person is sharing spam or inappropriate things.
  • This timeline is pretending to be someone else.
  • This timeline doesn’t represent a real person.
  • This person is bothering me.
  • I think there’s a problem.

Inside Facebook pointed out that many of these options were previously available to users who wanted to report other users, but they were located under drop-down menus, rather than in one easily accessible form.

Facebook has estimated in the past that 5 percent or 6 percent of its more than 900 million monthly active users are fake accounts.

Readers: Have you ever had to report other Facebook users? What do you think of the new process?