BlackBerry 10 Comes With Native Facebook App, Timeline

By Justin Lafferty 

With all of the hype about the iPhone 5 and Facebook’s renewed focus on Android, it’s easy for BlackBerry’s newest release to get lost in the noise. The BlackBerry 10 was announced during a recent conference in San Jose, Calif. The new phone will have a native Facebook application, as well as (finally) timeline.

The now-native Facebook app in the BlackBerry 10 has a much faster news feed, and timeline comes across quite clearly. The Next Web notes that unlike the Facebook apps for iOS and Android devices, BlackBerry is the one that developed the social network app.  While this makes for much easier integration within the phone, it doesn’t quite have the pizzazz or functionality of its Apple or Android brethren.

BlackBerry Thursday released a video showing off the Facebook app’s capabilities.

While this RIM app is much improved, its rollout at the BlackBerry Jam conference left a little to be desired. TechCrunch notes that the Facebook app crashed at the event during its presentation.

Readers: Do you check Facebook from your BlackBerry? What features would you like to see added?