Blab Launches Social Analytics It Says Can Peer Into the Future

By Cameron Scott 

social analytics, social media, social networks, facebook, twitter, tumblrSeattle start-up Blab launched a public beta today for a social analytics tool that it claims can predict the future of social conversations.

The tool listens in to 60 million conversations taking place on some 50,000 websites, using both text and image matching to detect content. It categorizes those conversation into a general topic area, such as sports or news. But its biggest claim is that it can match the pattern one conversation takes to patterns it’s seen before to make an educated guess about where the conversation will go in the next three days – specifically, if it will continue to grow or die down.

The process is so data-intensive that the company has built its own proprietary software, running on Amazon’s Web Services, to support it.

“Hadoop just died. It wouldn’t run at all,” explained Benjamin Bressler, the director of product. Hadoop is a software framework often used to handle big data applications.

Blab’s predictions can help companies strategize crisis response communications. It can also help them buy Adwords keywords at a lower price and then watch them increase in value, CEO Randy Browning said.

Among the sites Blab monitors are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Delicious and comments platforms including Disqus.

Update: If you’re wondering why Blab’s website is instead of just Blab — and we were — it’s likely because is for sale for $195,000.

What is Blab? from Blab on Vimeo.